Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Eclipse Callisto

I had been using Eclipse 3.1 for a long time. So thought I should give 3.2 a shot at. Eclipse site mentioned about "Callisto".

In their words
Callisto is about improving the productivity of the developers working on top of Eclipse frameworks by providing a more transparent and predictable development cycle. By releasing 10 projects at the same time, the goal is to eliminate uncertainty about version compatibility and make it easier to incorporate multiple projects into your environment.

The best part I like was the customization that it allows to choose features from various projects. Further googling landed me on Yoxos. They provide an excellent UI ( Rich AJAX Platform )create a custom Eclipse installation.
  1. Allows to create/share custom scenarios ( Eclipse installation)
  2. Allows to pick standard features and 3rd party plugins.
  3. Provides Yoxos Install Manager (YIM) which is an eclipse based update mechanism.
  4. Provides 3 months free subscription. After that YIM will not work.
I created a custom ( warning: 500 MB+ ) Eclipse Installation ( I added every plugin that I could think of:P ). It is accessible out here.

Screenshots of features for my custom Eclipse


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