Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Family Tree

I am very bad at remembering detailed family relations and for that matter even names :P When ever I visit my native place (which is very rare) with my parents, my parents/I make sure that I get a "crash" course on all the relations again ;). So being a tech guy, I wanted a tech solution and hence entered the domain of family tree. For long I had be wanting to find a site that would really simplify creation of the family tree. I had tried various sites like Ancestry, TribalPages etc, but none of them allowed me an "easy" or "flexible" way to create a family tree :( Couple of hrs back, Pavan ( Friend and Colleague ), pinged me with the URL to this brand new "web 2.0 family tree"!

It is called Geni( That is one short name!). The first thing that strike me was with the ease it allowed me to create an account ( No email validation to start off! But then we need to validate later). The UI is flash based and mind blowing. The whole experience of creating family tree is taken to the next level. It was so much of fun that within 30 mins or so, I had added over 20+ members to my tree. The product is still in "beta" and has couple of privacy issues to be answered ( Like mother's maiden name being shown, access control etc). But in all, I really liked the whole user experience. I recommend that you take a shot at this.

A sample tree

I also manage to find couple of other new Family Tree service
  1. Famster
  2. Zooof
But none the above has an UI that is as intuitive as the Geni's one

  • Check out the way they incite users to complete the profile.

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Venkatesh Varalu said...

here is one more that is in beta stage...