Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Running Memcached on Windows

I was trying to run memcached server on windows as that is my current development OS. Unfortunately the memcached's windows port has given only source code for libevent ( a dependency) and it needs VC to compile :P. With obvious lack ( read: interest ) in VC tools, I set on a big google hunt for finding the windows build of libevent.

I was finally able to get some luck from this site. Thanks to them, I was able to get memcached running successfully.

I have attached the memcached ( 1.2.1 ) setup here

Sets to run the server
1) Unzip the folder to any directory
2) Within the folder, run memcached.exe -d install ( One time )
3) For
starting the server: memcached.exe -d start
stopping the server: memcached.exe -d stop
4) To uninstall the service, run memcached.exe -d uninstall

You can also run memcached.exe -h to find all the properties that can be configured.