Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Running Memcached on Windows

I was trying to run memcached server on windows as that is my current development OS. Unfortunately the memcached's windows port has given only source code for libevent ( a dependency) and it needs VC to compile :P. With obvious lack ( read: interest ) in VC tools, I set on a big google hunt for finding the windows build of libevent.

I was finally able to get some luck from this site. Thanks to them, I was able to get memcached running successfully.

I have attached the memcached ( 1.2.1 ) setup here

Sets to run the server
1) Unzip the folder to any directory
2) Within the folder, run memcached.exe -d install ( One time )
3) For
starting the server: memcached.exe -d start
stopping the server: memcached.exe -d stop
4) To uninstall the service, run memcached.exe -d uninstall

You can also run memcached.exe -h to find all the properties that can be configured.



Shreeni said...


When I was using Windows box for development, I used memcached out of the box. Danga's memcached (http://www.danga.com/memcached/) was what I used. You may also check out http://jehiah.cz/projects/memcached-win32/.

I had no problems running it this way. :-)

Rakesh Rajan said...


As far as I remember, the main memcached project(http://www.danga.com/memcached/) does not support windows. When I tried to use the window's port (http://jehiah.cz/projects/memcached-win32/), I was stuck with the libevent issue and hence the google hunt :P Are you sure you got the windows port work out of the box ?

BTW, congrats on the new job! rock on...

Arun said...


I'm from Bangalore myself and would like to know your experience running the memcached port.

How is the performance? Especially the resting memory and cpu figures?
Have you encountered any issues with the port? What do you do when you require support?

Any plans of supporting this port ?


Nayan Paul. said...

Hi Rakesh , i have installed memcached 1.2.1 But i have query , How i know is memcached working or not...?any suggestion from you ?

i'm new in php.

Rakesh Rajan said...

@Nayan telnet localhost 11211